Grants for Gardeners Winners

Fall 2022

The Financial Advisory Working Group (FAWG) is happy to announce the three applications that were approved for the fall of 2022:

Greta Ljung submitted an application on behalf of Lexington Living Landscapes and was awarded funding for Trevor Smith to speak at the Cary Memorial Library in March.

Debra Heaton’s application, “Replanting the Cary Memorial Library Front Garden,” was also approved. Her plans to add shrubs and new plants will undoubtedly improve and beautify this highly visible area.

And finally, new member Sam Catherine Johnston submitted an application titled “A Garden for Everyone: Enhancing the Harrington Elementary School Garden.” This unique project focuses on building raised garden beds (supplementing and improving Harrington’s existing garden beds) to provide beds of varying heights to address accessibility for students with various mobility needs, ages, and heights. The pathways between the beds will safely accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. The new beds will also allow for multiple students and teachers to work and collaborate together in hands-on learning. In addition to its local population, Harrington Elementary School also provides for disabled students throughout Lexington. This will truly be an inclusive opportunity for many to learn and enjoy.