LFGC Officers: 2024-2025

Executive Board

President: Kathy Leva

Vice President: Deb Heaton

Programs: Sue Amsel and Terry Hale

Treasurer: Lauren Foohey

Secretary: Susan Cass

Membership Co-Chairs: Marilyn Ryngiewicz and Nancy Trautman

Appointed Directors

Civic Gardening: Deb Heaton

Communications: Vicki Blake

Financial Advisory Council: Ruthanne Igoe

Nominating: Linda Walsh

Sub-Group Chairs

Monday Evening Group: Anne Lee

Morning Study Group: Ruthanne Igoe

Garden Party: Leslie Masson & Leslie Sargis

Wednesday Workshop: Ann Webster

Thursday Evening Group: Linda Walsh


Archivist: Regina Sutton

Webmaster: Vicki Blake

Database Director: Francesca Leonin