About Lexington Field & Garden Club

Jina Kim, a steward at the traffic island at Worthen Road and the basketball courts

Founded on May 17, 1876, the Lexington Field & Garden Club (LFGC) is the oldest garden club in the nation. We offer educational, social, and community improvement opportunities, many as services to our town. Our members join in order to make friends, to learn about a wide range of garden-related topics through lectures, one-on-one relationships, workshops, and field trips, and to beautify our town through civic gardening.

Our main club offers monthly public programs from September through May at the Follen Church Community Center in Lexington. In addition, we have five subgroups offering both daytime and evening meetings. Like the main club, these subgroups offer education and experience but on a smaller and more intimate scale. Our monthly newsletter and our Facebook page provide yet another source of information, a means to connect, and an easy way to volunteer for activities.

The vitality of our club depends on our members offering their time and talents to support both large events, such as our Plant Sale and garden tours, and smaller ones such as ‘Books in Bloom’ with Cary Memorial Library.  Members also participate in maintaining Lexington’s historic gardens and parks (such as Emery Park, Hancock- Clarke Herb Garden, and Munroe Tavern gardens) as well as islands and public areas around town.

Through the years, the LFGC has fostered collaborations with town entities such as the Department of Public Works, Cary Memorial Library, Lexington Living Landscapes, and the Lexington Historical Society, which we see as a way to reinforce the club’s presence, strengthen our community, and create ties to connect to one another.

Thanks to our committed, talented, and passionate members, we remain focused on the club’s original mission of education, service, and friendship, and enter our 148th year with excitement and anticipation for the future.


LFGC was organized on May 17, 1876, incorporated in 1891, and joined the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts on October 4, 1933. On April 24, 1934, the Garden Club of Lexington joined LFGC, which was re-incorporated on May 26, 1937. LFGC is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and is supported by memberships, contributions, endowment income, and many volunteers.